Welcome to the official online home of Blind Manifest!

Who are we?

Well, funny you should have arrived at this Web site and be asking THAT question. :) If you're here, either you were searching for a band on the Interwebs or it's possible someone gave you a card that led you here. It's also possible you were pranked and some prince from Nigeria promised you $1M if you click the link that brought you here. If that's the case, let's just get it all out in the open now. Dude lied.

Blind Manifest began in 2004 in Cramerton, North Carolina as a project with Rodger Harrison, Dave Costner, and Brian Lewis. Since then, there have been 14 people that have been members of the band over the years. We've had 9 versions of the band with different people coming in and out. There are still other players that sit in from time to time. Of course, each regular member at any given time has a back-up should they not be able to make a show.

That doesn't change the product. A Blind Manifest show isn't about any particular member of the band, but the performance itself. Entertaining guests at your wedding reception or corporate event, keeping drink sales going and people in the building at a bar and restaurant, or even throwing a private party at your place with friends for a birthday. All of these events require a different show, something specific to that event. At the same time, all of these examples require talent (not just musical ability, but also the ability to "read a room" and put on a performance that is suitable for the audience.

If you're looking for the cheap garage band who want to be rock stars, I can refer you to those guys.

If you're looking for professional entertainment for your event, look no farther. You've arrived. How can I help make your event a huge success?

The Video Library

More video is available on several other sites out there including Facebook and Gigmasters.