Hiring a Band for your Event?

Event planners. One of the most under-appreciated jobs ever (just ahead of musician ;). In my experience, there are 2 categories of event planners. One is the person who has a boss that said "hey, go plan this event!" The other is a bit more of a glutton for punishment - the career professional event planner.

Whichever bucket you land in, it all works the same way. You have an event, you have lots of guests, and you have a lot riding on whether your event is successful or not. The last thing you need to worry about is a bunch of musicians mucking it all up…or worse, vendors telling you how to do your job.

My goal for an event planner is real simple, execute on your plan. Weddings are a subset of the types of events that are out there. Each event is different whether it's a holiday party, retirement or birthday event, a company meeting happy hour, a community festival, or even a neighborhood pool party. We treat each event like it's different, not with a cookie cutter show. We can provide as much or as little help as you need as far as MC'ing, show logistics, etc.


So, what can we do for your event?