Hiring a Band for your Bar/Restaurant?

Am I really gonna go there?! Talk about a highly debated topic. Bands and Bars. If you do a quick search across the Web, you'll find hundreds of articles and tips about how to hire bands for bars. I've read a lot of them and I'm not confident there's any out there that fit us 100%. There is a lot of turmoil out there and a whole lot of us vs. them with bar owners/managers and bands. It doesn't have to be stressful, nobody wants that. 

Add to that the flood of information coming to bar managers daily from this band and that. How do you tell which one to hire? Will one investment make more profit than another? You're faced with these types of decisions every day whether it's hiring a band or what new item should go on the menu or what new microbrew to put on that tap.

There's so much noise coming in, it's pretty common that promotional materials come in and go right into "the pile" to be forgotten.

So, you're here and you're reading this. That means you're interested in learning more about this band. We're an entertainment vendor. Just like the BMI fees, or your signage, or the servers, they're optional services you can pay for. Also like your BMI fees, or your signage, or having servers, none are the sole reason people come to your establishment. It's the whole package put together that makes it an appealing place to go. Of course, do any one wrong and it will quickly make your place unappealing to Joe Consumer.

If you're hiring a vendor to be part of that overall package for a night, excellent. You're in the right place.

If not, we're probably not the right band for you. No hard feelings. I'd encourage you to start by reading this article. http://www.reviler.org/2010/09/21/bars-have-bands-to-bring-in-customers/

Blind Manifest as your Entertainment Vendor

Our job as a vendor is simple, move drinks from one side of the bar to the other and keep people engaged. We're entertainers. Your guests will be entertained. They'll stick around for more. They'll buy lots of product. They'll leave happier than they arrived and they'll come back. Your reputation will continue to grow.

Our music appeals to the crowd that knew the brand of tequila they wanted in their margarita before they even left the house. That crowd rarely is the one that causes any trouble, the mood that we set is simply 'let's get our drink on and have a good time.'  You already have a market of people like that. It's not about how do you get them in. You're hopefully already doing that. Just having regular quality live entertainment will bring the clientele. The entertainers individually are more about how do you keep them there.

Keeping them thereā€¦ that requires a combination of factors, like reading the room, watching the glasses, timing 'dance time' vs 'stop dancing and have a drink' time, watching the volume so it's right for the room, keying on patrons that are going to lead the way, selecting the right next songs. Not everyone is good at that. We are.

Ready to chat more about how we can work together to have Blind Manifest add to your overall package that makes your bar a step above the rest? Click here to contact us.